What Women Want In Bed

What Women Want In Bed

Women aren't all the same and they don't always want the same things in bed. We all have unique life circumstances that influence how we feel and express attraction. This makes communication essential (and also quite sexy).
Nevertheless, our bedroom experiences are influenced by our lived experience. 

It's complicated how society shapes our perceptions of pleasure, safety, trust, and ourselves. This is precisely why our sexuality is so fascinating. To engage your partner emotionally and psychologically, we've created a list of "What women want in bed".

1. Flirty Anticipation
What's the fun part? Flirting. However, this doesn't necessarily require pick-up lines. The ultimate lubricant is a sense of humor and a willingness to exchange ideas with your partner.

2. Eye Contact
Let's now look at some techniques. Making sustained eye contact is incredibly hot, both in conversation, but also during foreplay and sex. Why? It is inherently vulnerable, which makes it intimate. It validates your partner and is deeply meaningful. It tells your partner that you like what you see. That's trust! Trust is the precursor to sexual openness: hers and yours.

3. Teasing

Let's get her to use her imagination. Teasing can be a great way to change the script and build tension. Why? It's because women are socialized to pursue, to be pounced upon. It's why it's so exciting and hot to delay our satisfaction.

4. Oral

What is the most important thing women desire in bed? Oral sex. There is a lot of it. All porn depicted females screaming with joy the moment they were penetrated. Penis-owners often feel the need to have penetration. Sometimes, those with vulvas need something more.

5. Variety of Positions

Positional variety can be a very attractive thing for women if done right. Why? It keeps things fresh and interesting on a psychological level. It also offers new sensations that our bodies can enjoy.

Tuning in to what we are saying is the key. If we are super in the moment and giving lots of positive vocals, then you can stay where you are. If you've been in the same place for a while and your energy is beginning to drop, then try something else. Doggy-style is a good idea.

No matter what tips you use, this list will show that you care about your partner's happiness, which is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of a relationship. Next, find out which steps resonate with your partner and try them out. Now it's time for you to start playing!