Taboos Around Period Sex

Taboos Around Period Sex

Every once a month, women go through the phase that makes them regret being a woman. There’s a reason why there is a general fear/hatred towards periods among women. It messes with the body AND it messes with the mind. Our hormones are all over the place and that is why most women have major mood swings. PMS (Pre Menstrual Syndrome) is an actual mental health issue now; sure that says a lot about how periods affect women overall. 

However, just because periods are mean to you, that doesn’t mean you’ll be mean to yourself too! Our hormones are on a high at the time, which makes us even more aroused at times than we usually would be, but we fight the desire because “sex on periods is bad”. We haven’t been told that by anyone but that is a general perception. Well, that isn’t true. Here’s why period sex is good for you.

  • It is not that messy
  • A major reason for hesitation about period sex is because it might make a huge mess. You can spread towels and clean after, use a tampon to soak up the majority of the blood beforehand (but remove it before sex), and even try positions that don’t tilt your bucket. If you’re careful, there won’t be much blood. 

  • Women say no
  • Researchers say that most of the time, women refuse to period sex. Men have comparatively less issues with it. And that’s a fact. 

    It could be because of the natural mood swings or taboos regarding period sex but if you feel like it, go for it woman. Don’t hold back. It’s actually healthy for you.

  • You don’t feel sexy 
  • Our bodies are a mess during this particular time. We feel bloated and tired, and just don’t feel like that version of us would be desirable at all. Well, if your body can tell your mind how to feel, then your mind can tell your body how to act too. This time, it is in your head. If you cross this barrier of self-doubt, you’ll feel much more confident and sexy. 

  • Cramp relief
  • The hormones released during an orgasm are relaxing. They also help in relaxing the walls of your uterus, thus reducing period cramps. Didn’t we say it was actually healthy for you?

  • We got lube
  • Think of blood as free, extra lubricant. There will be very little friction and it will be a treat for both, you and your partner. Regardless of your ovulation cycle, if you’re not planning a child, use protection. It prevents STDs too, which may be a concern for one as they spread through blood too.

  • Gives you a shorter period
  • As we said earlier, orgasms relax the walls of your uterus, making it shed the blood lining sooner than it otherwise would have. This reduces the period of your period (wow, words.), which is the best thing that can happen while you’re menstruating.

  • Comfort zone
  • If you’re comfortable enough with your partner to talk about your needs and are sharing time like this, then it is safe to say that you and your partner have good mutual understanding and that sure is one of the essential requirements of any relationship.

  • Easy arousal
  • Ladies, we know it. We are way more aroused when we are on our periods. Whether it is because of mood swings or just general involuntary libido exercise, that is how it is. Passion gives a different edge to your sex life and doing it when you’re exceptionally horny might show you a whole new dimension of your self. So if you feel it, fuel it!