How To Make Her Orgasm Every Time

How To Make Her Orgasm Every Time

The quote “fake it till you make it” doesn’t prove useful everywhere. 

More than 50% women across the globe admit to have faked an orgasm. Why, you ask? That is not what we’re concerned with. The actual problem is not why women fake orgasms, but why they don’t orgasm during sex. Biology dictates that female body doesn’t orgasm as easily as the male body. However complex it may be, one can figure out ways to get to the sweet spot once they figure out the patterns. Here are some ways that you can use to give her the ultimate pleasure.

  • Foreplay isn’t just the first 15 minutes
  • For women, foreplay starts way before the actual thing. Her mood is based on how you’ve been with her recently, the general ambience, and other stressors or stimulus. Sex is not just about physical intercourse. Ace the emotional sphere and that will allow her to be herself completely, giving both the best time ever.

  • Oral is vital
  • Oral sex is a whole different level of intimacy. It lets her take her time and really feel everything that she’s feeling. When that feeling builds up, that heap leads to an amazing orgasm. 

  • Be gentle and tease
  • No matter how much you like it rough (and this goes for the lady too), foreplay starts slow. The more you tease, the more she will anticipate the next move and the excitement will make her do things that she might not have thought of herself. 

  • Have patience
  • Foreplay is more about playing with mind than it is about playing with the body. You need to understand that you’ve to make her really want you. Her body reacts quickly, and that you can observe because it’s physical. But here’s a key tip: do not give in to your own desire to just do it. Make her wait and let her mind prepare her body for a great orgasm.  

  • Tools don’t define a workman, but they sure are useful.
  • Sex toys and supplements are made to facilitate orgasms for both the people involved. One reason why she might not be “feeling it” could be because she’s used to the usual sex. Try vibrators if you really want to stimulate the parts that are humanly impossible to stimulate. Thank us later.

  • Experiment with positions 
  • Different women have different sweet spots. And since each position hits different, you might want to try as many as possible to start observing those patterns we talked about earlier. When you have figured out which position is the most enjoyable for her, you will understand just where to reach to get her to an orgasm.

  • Communicate
  • No relationship ever succeeds without good communication. Both the partners should be comfortable enough with each other to be able to talk about their fantasies and how they feel during sex. If you’ve noticed in your daily life, nothing works fine without a good and understandable feedback system. How can anyone figure out what they’re doing wrong or right if there is no clear response. So our advice of all the ladies out there: better break his heart once than fake it all your life.