Be The Master Of Your Own Orgasms

Be The Master Of Your Own Orgasms

Lets’ be honest: 9 out of 10 guys simply suck (pun not intended) at giving us girls an orgasm, although it is through no fault of their own. Ladies themselves can have a hard time finding their pleasure points and having an orgasm. But that is not how things should be!

I am going to teach you how to be the master of your own orgasms, whether you are single or in a relationship. Following these steps, you can have a sure-shot ride to an orgasm (perhaps multiple orgasms) every time you go to town on yourself.

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1. Understand the spots

Getting an orgasm from bland and straight penetration is next to impossible for women. For orgasms, you need either of the two (or both together): G-spot stimulation and Clitoral stimulation. Without stimulating these spots, it is highly unlikely that you will experience an orgasm.

Finding the G-spot: Video Link.

Finding the clitoris: Video Link.

2. Find out your own preference

No two bodies are the same. Consequently, each woman has a personal sexual preference of stimulation; some women cannot orgasm without clitoral stimulation while some do good with penetrative G-spot stimulation only. What do you like? Well, that is a question that can be answered only by you. You need to experiment (a lot) and find out what gets you going.

3. Choosing the right vibrator

Initially, you can use your magical fingers to stimulate the G-spot and clitoris in order to find out what pleasures you the most. Once you have the answer to that, it is important to choose the right vibrator.
If you want only clitoral stimulation, then small vibrators are ideal as they provide strong and focussed vibrations, such as the bullet vibrator. On the other hand, if you want solely G-spot stimulation, then you can go for any G-spot dildo that is slightly curved at the end (to reach the G-spot).
If you are like most other ladies and prefer G-spot AND clitoral stimulation, then you need a rabbit vibrator. Now, you will have many choices in rabbit vibrators depending upon side and modes of vibrations. You can choose any one that suits you the best.

4. Getting an orgasm with your partner

Now, you might love your boyfriend/husband a  lot, but it can be frustrating if you do not orgasm when you two have sex. The solution to this is to buy a couple’s vibrator. A Cock ring is an excellent starting choice for this purpose, as it provides stimulation to both the partners. Alternatively, you can also try the higher-end couple’s vibrators as they will do the trick for you.

Keep searching and keep experimenting, and within a few attempts, you will find what brings you to orgasm. Gradually, you will master the art of orgasm!